A Birding Club for kids, teens, and young adults
A Birding Club for kids, teens, and young adults

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We recently moved to a new online format for our eNewsletter. This allows us to provide updates on the status of Illinois Young Birders in a more timely and efficient mananer.

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The Current Issue:

ILYB Winter 2016 eNewsletter

In this edition of the ILYB eNewsletter, our own young authors and naturalists share stories with you about adventure and nature as well as their artwork and photography. Read about Jake Cvetas' experience at Camp Colorado, Jackie Kuroda's appreciation for the intelligence of pigeons, and the importance of mentors by Isoo O'Brien.

Past Issues:

ILYB Summer 2015 eNewsletter

In this issue, we say goodbye to our graduating members and welcome several new one, read poetry by Ava Norman, view artwork of Catherine Gilbert and read about young birder trips to see cranes in Nebraska.


ILYB Winter 2015 eNewsletter

In this issue, you'll learn about the exciting field trips we have planned for 2015, find out more about our world traveller, Isso O'Brien, and learn how one of members contributed to the signage at Rollins Savanna Forest Preserve in Grayslake.


ILYB Summer 2014 eNewsletter

In this issue, read about Iowa and Illinois Young Birder Weekend, county listing with Nathan Goldberg, and shorebirding at Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge.


The Hoot! - Winter2014

In this issue, Jeff Reiter recounts how it's cool to be a birder. Henry Griffin reports on his phenomenal trip to Panama. Kalman Strauss saves the life of a Mallard, while reminding us to properly dispose of our garbage. Catherine Gilbert and Nandu Dubey share their artwork and we welcome six new members.


The Hoot! - Fall2013

TOPICS: Eddie Kasper reports on a very birdy family road trip. Jack McCabe goes Osprey banding. Meet the talented Catherine Gilbert, a rising star in the art world. ILYB members show their art and photos in public exhibit. Member Q&A with Henry Griffin. Josh Engel recounts a behind the scenes trip to the Chicago Field Museum. Jennifer Kuroda hatches new ILYB members in Rockford. And, Nathan Goldberg describes a unique summer experience at Cornell University.


The Hoot! - Spring 2013

TOPICS: Member's experiences at summer camps including "Camp Cascades" by Nathan Goldberg, and "Arizona Adventure - Notes from Camp Chiricahua" by Aaron Gyllenhaal. Also Nandu Dubey will recount his family's "Florida Road Trip", and Kalman Strauss will provide an "Introduction to Chicago Bird Collision Monitors".


The Hoot! Volume 2, Issue 4 - Spring 2012

TOPICS: Bloomingdale Brothers Part of Youth Birding Movemen" by Jeff Reiter, "Budding Birder Brothers" by Nina Cheney, "Teen Birders Making a Mark in the Field" by Katie Drews, and "My Big Day Adventure" by Nathan Goldberg. Nick Minor shares about using ebird, and Connor Ross writes more about "Birds of Prehistory".


The Hoot! Volume 2, Issue 3 - Winter 2012

TOPICS: "Got Snowy" by Jake Bartecki, "ILYB Artwork Celebrated by COS" by Jake Cvetas, "A Perspective on the IOS Gull Frolic" by Nick Minor.


The Hoot! Volume 2, Issue 2 - Fall 2011

TOPICS: Member Spotlight - Jake Cvetas; "Montrose - City Park of Surprises" by Nathan Goldberg, "The Story of Opal" by Ethan Gyllenhaal.


The Hoot! Volume 2, Issue 1 - Summer 2011

TOPICS: Member Spotlight - Ethan Gyllenhaal; "Adventures in Birdland" by Connor Ross, "Irish Birding Report" by Tobias Ginsberg, Project Puffin Report - "Walking With the Seabirds" by Ethan Gyllenhaal.


The Hoot! Volume I, Issue 4 - Spring 2011

TOPICS: Member Spotlight - Colleen Cahill; "Great Texas Birding Classic" by Ethan Gyllenhaal, "The Importance of Birds in My Life" by Aaron Gyllenhaal, "Birds and Their Favorite Seeds" by Nandu Dubey.


The Hoot! Volume I, Issue 3 - Winter 2011

TOPICS: Member Spotlight - Nathan Goldberg; "Birds of Prehistory" by Connor Ross, "The Importance of Birds in My Life" by Aaron Gyllenhaal, The Artist's Feather - Nandu Dubey.


The Hoot! Volume I, Issue 2 - Fall 2010

TOPICS: Member Spotlight - Ari Rice; "The Paranoid Birder" by Ethan Gyllenhaal, Risks to Vagrants by Edward Warden, Rare Bird Chases: Sandwich Tern - Nathan Goldberg, Black-throated Gray - Jake Cvetas.


The Hoot! Volume I, Issue 1 - Summer 2010

TOPICS: Member Spotlight - Nandu Dubey; Birding Mythology by Connor Ross, Adult Birder Spotlight - John Purcell.